DreamChat - WhatzClone an application that allow to have a Firebase chat with friends (Like WhatsApp). You can send and share (images or videos or audio or pdf) ...etc. there is a database local to save your messages , so when user lost the internet connection he can write a message ,the message will be saved on database local and once the other user come online the app will send your message directly .Also you can delete conversation or messages .Feel free and enjoy the new emoticons .For the Backend side you can control your app as you want even you can control and settings up the Admob from the dashboard.

Mobile App Installation Guide

Project Configuration

Adding Firebase to Android App, Follow the below linl:

Firebase Login – In this we have used firebase auth for login using mobile number with OTP verification.

Firebase Chat Service

  • In this file you can create the database for firebase and creating user tables, chat tables and the call tables.
  • Notifications channels and Services has been created in this classes.

Model Classes – Each tables have separate model clases.

Chat module

In Chat module, here you can change the code according to your needs. So if you change any values here, total flow will get damaged. So be careful in working in that.


To integrate Sinch account in your application, follow the below link:

To make any changes in code, Please refer screenshot below.

Change Color

To change the color of the app, select res -> values -> colors. From this file, you can change the color of the app. If you change the color here, the whole application color will be changed.

Change Text Values

To change Text values in the application, select res -> values -> strings. From this file, you can change the string values. If you change the text here, the whole application text will be changed.

Change App Icons

You can change icons for the application. To change the icons, select res-> drawable -> Right click -> new -> Batch Drawable Importer. To change App Logo, default size is 512 x 512

If you don’t have that option, just follow the below steps. Click on File -> Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories -> search Android Drawable importer -> Install plugin. View the images below for clear understanding.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Finally Android Drawable Importer Plugin is installed in android studio. Now click res -> drawable -> New -> Batch Drawable Import.

Click add button. New tab will be opened and select image from the directory. And click OK.

In this page you can set Icon name and Target resolution. Based on the image, height and width will be set.

After adding new icon in to the drawable folder, if you wish to change logo for the app you can change it in manifest.xml file.

System Requirements

To run the product, You need the followings

Operating Systems Windows, Mac, Linux
Software Android Studio(Latest Version), Firebase Account, Sinch Account
Browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc

Prepare to Deploy

To deploy your app to Google Play you need to compile it to .apk file and sign. More details about sign process you can find here:

Change log

Version 1.0 (09 Feb 2019)
- Initial release version
Version 1.2 (11 Nov 2019)
- Added - Status
- Added - Status Reply
- Added - Swipe Chat Reply Single and Group Chat
- Added - Message Read or Unread Option
- Added - Video Call and Audio Call action icon
- Added - Message type icon added in Chat
- Added - Chat Background Wallpaper
- Added - Last Seen
- Fixed - Profile Image crash issue
- Fixed - Video Upload crash issue
- Fixed - Video Upload restricted 16MB
- Fixed - UI Design issues fixed
- Fixed - Audio Record crash issues fixed


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